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How many graded comics does Comic Shell hold?

Comic Shell is designed and fit-tested to hold 2 Standard-Size Graded Comic Slabs of any thickness, from all current third-party grading companies that use similar encapsulation methods (CGC, CBCS, PGX, EGS, Vault, etc).

Note: Comic Shell does NOT fit magazine-sized graded slabs, and some oddly sized larger format books that require a larger magazine-sized encapsulation. This includes graded slabs of the earliest printings of TMNT #s 1-4 (Mirage, 1984-) as well as the TMNT: The Last Ronin series (IDW, 2020-).

Please reach out to let us know if a larger size Comic Shell to fit these types of books is something you'd like to see offered!

What other collectibles can Comic Shell fit?

Comic Shell can hold up to:

• 2 Standard-Size Graded Comic Slabs
• 14+ Bagged & Boarded Comics (Raw)
6-8 Toploaded Comics (Raw)
6-8 Magazines (Raw)

You can use each pocket for a different type of collectible. Use one pocket for a slab and the other for bagged and boarded books or magazines! The choice is yours!

Capacity is dependent on graded slab depth - typically based on page count and book type.

Where can I find more Reviews of Comic Shell?

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And see our eBay feedback from buyers all over the globe!

What upgrades are new in Comic Shell V2?

Comic Shell V2's main upgrades include:

  1. Convenient carrying handle! Use Comic Shell with ease even when you’re traveling light, in addition to fitting inside virtually any standard backpack 💼

  2. Outer shell reinforcement for even more exterior protection! We’ve added both rigidness and cushioning to the outer casing components to provide extra security from mishaps💥

  3. Upgraded soft middle divider for enhanced protection between items! Additional padding built into the center panel helps keep heroes and villains from brawling inside 👊

If you're unsure which version you own, the easiest way is to check for the handle. Please note V1 is no longer available directly from Comic Shell on any selling platform.

How much does Comic Shell weigh?

Each Comic Shell is approximately 1.5 lbs when empty, so you can travel light. With 2 graded comics inside, the weight is about 4 lbs.

We thoughtfully crafted Comic Shell to be light enough (and affordable enough) that collectors can utilize 1 to 4 cases to fit their specific backpack/bag sizing, travel constraints, and collecting habits. The way we collect is very individual, so we aimed to create a versatile storage product to fit any comic fan's arsenal.

What is Comic Shell designed to protect against?

Comic Shell is designed to provide lightweight protection against scratches, minor to moderate knocks, bumps and dings, and food or liquid spills - without weighing down your convention bag.

How should I care for my collectibles when storing or transporting?

There is always inherent risk with transporting collectibles, thus we always recommend handling collectibles with the highest level of care, no matter the method of storage. Even if a graded slab hypothetically sustained no damage from a large drop, the comic inside may likely be impacted by the components of the slab due to the features of the grading companies' holder designs - which either constantly touch or nearly touch the comic inside at all times. As such, Comic Shell is not intended to protect from falls, drops, tosses, etc. of substantial heights. Due to the variable situations, caution and care that a collector or circumstances may provide, we can not offer a guarantee on the protection afforded by Comic Shell's features, however following these recommendations are among the best practices in order to avoid significant damage to any collectible when storing or transporting.

Can we carry Comic Shell products in our LCS / retail store?

We love Local Comic Shops! Reach out to learn more about becoming a wholesale partner.

Does Comic Shell have an affiliate / referral program?

Please visit our affiliates page to learn about and apply to our affiliate program

I live outside the USA. How can I buy a Comic Shell?

You can order from our Ebay store for International ordering almost anywhere!

We also offer global fulfillment directly on our store through Shopify's Markets Pro program. For more information please see our Shipping Policy

What should I do if there's a problem with my order?

We strive to make every order a fantastic experience, but if you have any issues at all, please first reach out to us via email at thecomicshell@gmail.com or use the Contact form. You can also reply to your original order confirmation. We'll get to the bottom of the issue and work to solve it as quickly as possible.